Författararkiv: lustigbacken

All the possibilities are mine

I am the one that can define

My life my art my relationships

Everything is at my fingertips

I can do anything

I can do everything

Welcome to my Open Studio at Institut Für Alles Mögliche, Schererstrasse 10, Berlin

Friday June 29 at 19.00 – 21.00

Three months ago I left Sweden to come to Berlin. I wanted to leave the parts of me that were broken and malfunctioning. I wanted to try new ways in my art and in my life. I wanted to use the time here to heal and make myself feel good and strong. For some reason I decided to make music. This decision has tossed me back and forth between pure joy and severe self doubt during these months. But in the end I know that all the possibilities are mine. And I’m doing fine.

Now it is time to go back home. I would be so happy if you’d join me on the 29th for a farewell party!

There will be singing, beer, snacks, sparkling wine from Lidl and open studios of my great residency colleagues and friends Nick Van Zanten and Brittney Hollinger.

Here are the first songs of my life: